We are focused to service the Aftermarket Installer, whether by a professional technician or the do-it-yourself end user, with products that not only meet the OE performance criteria, but also often include additional features to enhance the installation-ease or the product durability within special Aftermarket conditions. With three brand new state-of-the-art Testing and Development laboratories in North America and Asia, we assure the confidence of our customers around the globe.

Our Engineering and Product Development Departments are focused on the entire clutch system, from the driver’s feel at the clutch pedal, to ease of engagement at the clutch disc and flywheel interface. We also understand that many times the Aftermarket installation process is much more complex than in the OE condition as a vehicle was manufactured, so we always take care to include installation and assembly enhancements for our Aftermarket installers. Our award wining catalogs include the Clutch Kit, Clutch Hydraulics, and Flywheels that are necessary to complete the total job, and provide the single ticket sale for our customers.

Finally, we also provide proprietary “Service Solution” design alternatives for those chronic Aftermarket applications and OE design hurdles that every installer knows too well. These solutions include alternatives for difficult and expensive self-adjusting clutches and dual mass flywheels. We also address applications with insufficient OE clamp loads, and difficult hydraulic bleeding applications, to name a few.