Perfection is part of the Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company. The Marmon Group is an international association of manufacturing and service companies that operate independently with eleven diverse and stand-alone business sectors.

These eleven autonomous sectors comprise more than 250 manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. Perfection and our four primary business units operate within the Marmon Highway Technologies Sector.

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Warren Buffet stresses the importance of building one’s “Moat”, the thing that sets a company apart from its competitors. Innovation is the key element of the Marmon Group’s moat, and by following the key tenets of our 80/20 thinking we innovate not simply for the sake of being clever, but to build mutually beneficial relationship with customers.

By segmenting their businesses and focusing on niche markets, Marmon Group companies gain an intimate understanding of those markets. This knowledge, coupled with investment in the latest technologies for research, production and customer service, enables Marmon Group companies to provide relevant, timely solutions. In short, our companies succeed by helping their customers succeed.


The Marmon Group comprises three autonomous companies consisting of 11 diverse, stand-alone business sectors more than 250 manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.